September 2018

Reviewed annual coverage and confirmed 298 PFMA pieces, reaching 50 million. PFMA media cuttings include 50% more expert comments over two years confirming that awareness of PFMA amongst media growing.

July 2018

PFMA collaboration with AMTRA and AHDA on training SQPs on pet health & nutrition. PFMA co-sponsored All-Party Parliamentarian Group for Animal Welfare and hosted seminar on animal sentience. PFMA Raws Group Best Practice sector guidelines developed in conjunction...

June 2018

PFMA held training seminar for members on labelling and FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines. Education and training is a key member benefit. PFMA hosted a Rabbit Symposium with 70 representatives from the rabbit welfare sector including industry, vets, academics and welfare...

April 2018

PFMA had introductory meeting with the World Animal Health Organisation in Paris to understand their role in animal welfare.

March 2018

PFMA’s Pet Food Vision launched promoting animal welfare, nutrition, safety & standards – the core pillars underpinning the UK pet food industry.

March 2018

PFMA held a Pet Food Nutrition Seminar for students at Glasgow University to enhance their nutrition teaching.